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Removing the Acoustic From Your Ceiling

Modernize the look of your home with the popcorn removal services from Frankfather Painting Inc. & Acoustic Removal. Throughout the Escondido and San Diego area we enhance the look of homes. Acoustic removal is an affordable way to keep your home free from asbestos. The ceilings can then be painted which helps with your interior design ideas.

 Ceiling Repair

Keeping Your Home Well-Protected

Count on us to protect all of your household items from any debris during the process. Our crew runs tape and plastic from the top of the wall to the floor. The floor is completely covered with drop cloths and plastic. We then remove any lights off of the ceiling or carefully cover them up if they cannot be removed. All fans, electrical devices, and smoke detectors will be covered with plastic, or will be removed.

Detailed Cleaning Process

Once everything is covered, we spray water on the ceilings and use scrapers to smooth them out. Putty is used to cover up any holes, allowing it to flow seamlessly. Then we skip trowel all the ceilings for a beautiful, new textured look. To finish up, the plastic is removed from the walls, rolling up it up on the ground so it can go through a vacuum. We sweep and clean up any debris that is left over. Your furniture and personal belongings always stay well-protected throughout the whole process.

Checking Every Corner

This process normally takes one day to finish. During the process, we go through your home and caulk all the edges where the ceilings and the walls meet. The water based primer goes on the ceiling first and it takes about two hours for it to dry. Once we are finished, we go through to make sure everything is smooth, and all flaws were fixed.

Acoustic Removal Rates

When the acoustic is removed, we finish off the process by painting. The cost of this service is about $1 per square foot for the scrape and texture. For painting and priming, the price depends on the size of the house. The average cost for a 2,000 square foot home is $2,000, and prices vary per house. Priming and painting with this service starts at $500.

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